Wedding Organization Made Easy

Hiring a wedding organizer is the easiest and possibly the best way to have a wonderfully organized wedding event, but let’s face it, not everyone has that kind of money. Wedding organization however, is possible in a limited budget with little or no outside help.

It would be a good idea to organize all your wedding chores into a ‘to do list’ that you can easily keep track of. Seems too simple? Think again. Wedding organization can be a tedious, tiring and never ending process which is certainly not how you want to spend the last couple of weeks before your wedding. The list will help you accomplish what professional wedding organizers take thousands of dollars to do, without the extra cost.

Wedding Organization Checklist

• Start with setting a date and making reservations at the venue of your choice. You don’t want to delay this because sometimes reservations are made months in advance and you might end up with no place to have the wedding.

• Make a guest list so you get an idea of how much it's going to cost you.

• Maintain a separate file to keep all the receipts from your wedding shopping.

• Look for an affordable catering service to serve food and drinks. • Find and book a suitable florist and photographer in the area.

• Find dresses for your bridesmaids.

• If you plan on having a honeymoon outside of your hometown, make the necessary reservations well in advance.

• Choose your wedding dress and order it in time.

• Register yourself at your local store for wedding gifts.

• Select and print your wedding invitations.

• Make reservations at local hotels for outside guests.

• Mail invitations on time, so you get an idea of how many people are attending.

• Buy wedding rings.

• Order your wedding cake and purchase wedding favors and gifts.

• Select a menu for the wedding.

• Send invitations for your rehearsal dinner.

• Make reservations for a tuxedo.

Even though the checklist makes wedding organization relatively easy, there are bound to be last minute mess-ups and changes that you were not prepared for. Just keep track of these changes by adding them to your list.

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